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Who/How do I contact someone with questions?

Any of the committee members are happy to assist with questions.  The best method of communication would be to use the Contact link on the Home page.  Once a question or comment is submitted, a committee member will contact you.

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How can I become more involved with UNITIEAST?

By reaching out to a UNITIEAST committee member guidance can be provided on how members can volunteer their time to assist.  There are a number of opportunities for involvement, most importantly by conducting a break out session and being willing to share your knowledge with other members.

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UNITIEAST is a user group for financial institutions running FISERV Premier.  The purpose of the group is to share information, ideas, “best practices” and allow members the opportunity to network with other users to become a true environment of collaboration. 

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What geographic region does UNITIEAST cover?

Members join and find benefit from all over from East of the Mississippi River.  The week long annual conference location moves to new locations each year to share the travel burden between veteran and new users.

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What is the benefit to join UNITIEAST?

Membership with UNITIEAST provides key benefits to engaged members.  It provides an environment of innovation and collaboration through knowledge sharing and networking, it allows member access to key FISERV experts while providing quality and relevant education.   Additionally, a forum has been created to allow knowledge sharing and collaboration beyond the annual conference.

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How do I pay for my membership and for items related to the annual conference?

To facilitate quick processing, online credit card payment is now available.  No longer do members need to send in checks for payment.

To become a member of UnitiEast, click on the Sign Up link located on the home page in the upper right hand corner of the website. This will guide you through payment of the $100 annual membership fee per person using the Buy Now button. Member access allows you access to the forums as well as the ability to sign up to attend the UnitiEast conference and related training. Upon successful payment, members will create an online account with username and password.

To attend the conference, sign in using member username and password. Then select the Member Registration button with new options that allow selection related to training, conference days, tours and Thursday evening meal.

Users are encouraged to pay through credit card instead of creating a PayPal account. While PayPal payment is the default, select Choose a way to Pay to enter a credit or debit card.

If you receive an error related to the address while processing, please keep in mind that the billing address of the credit card is required to properly process.

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Where do I find detailed information on the conference?

Conference information related to hotel and scheduling can be accessed by clicking on the home page photo or the 2012 Conference link.  If you are looking for information beyond what is listed, please use the Contact Us form.

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What information is in the forum?

The forum allows for key discussions related to all areas of banking with a particular emphasis on gaining the most from the FISERV Premier and related software.  Topics include:  BPM, Deposits, CIS, Lending, Compliance as well as a host of other topics with new, relevant topics becoming available all the time.  This new feature allows members to collaborate without e-mail chains within an approved UNITIEAST medium. 

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Why can’t I access the forum?

The forum is only open to those that have a current UNITIEAST membership.  If you would like access to the forum, please ensure that your bank membership is current.  Members are approved based on their financial institution’s membership status.  If a membership lapses, access to the forum is suspended until the annual membership payment is received.  For assistance, use the Contact form to communicate with a committee member.

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How do I join UNITIEAST?

Joining UNITIEAST is easier than ever by clicking the Sign Up button and following the simple online directions.

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What will the conference cover?

Conference topics related to Monday and Tuesday training are negotiated with FISERV after the national conference while user breakout groups for Wednesday and Thursday are scheduled and ready to display in the summer.  Based on shifting opportunities, the conference topics continue to change slightly up to the conference dates.  To see information related to the conference events, visit the Schedule of Events located on the Home page.

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The conference location isn’t near me. Are travel expenses covered?

Those attending the conference are responsible for all travel expenses related however the location of UNITIEAST moves every year to lessen the annual travel burden for the members.

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I am a vendor that would like to have a booth at UNITIEAST. What should I do?

We appreciate the vendor partnership available to UNITIEAST members.  Use the Vendor registration button on the Home page to begin the process and to pay online through Credit Card. Prior to registration please acquire vendor code from our vendor liaison, Jessica Jones.

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  1. Users helping users by sharing information and networking.

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